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Company Profile

Gogo is the leading global provider of in-flight broadband connectivity and connectivity-enabled services to commercial and business aviation. Aircraft operators use our services primarily to provide their passengers with Internet and entertainment services, and, more recently, to improve operational efficiency and the passenger experience by connecting the aircraft and its crew.

Our industry-leading solutions integrate Gogo's proprietary hardware and software on the aircraft with satellite and ground-based networks engineered to meet the unique needs of global aviation. We support aircraft operators globally with services ranging from installation and maintenance to monitoring and management of connectivity services. We also provide software platforms for an expanding suite of passenger and aircraft operator applications.

We currently provide broadband connectivity services to approximately 3,000 commercial aircraft and approximately 4,200 business aircraft, and have awards to install our latest generation global satellite solution, 2Ku, on approximately 1,500 commercial aircraft (of which approximately 130 have been installed). Our leading global market share supports our continued investment in global operations and ongoing research and development.