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Company Profile

Gogo is the leading provider of inflight connectivity and wireless entertainment solutions for the global aviation industry. Gogo provides its aviation partners with the world's most powerful network and platform to help optimize their operations. Our superior technologies, best-in-class service, and global reach help planes fly smarter, aviation partners perform better, and their passengers travel happier.

Today, Gogo has partnerships with 15 commercial airlines and is installed on more than 2,500 commercial aircraft. Nearly 7,000 business aircraft are also flying with its solutions, including the world's largest fractional ownership fleets. Gogo also is a factory option at every major business aircraft manufacturer.

What we offer:

Global Network Solutions

We have the broadest array of connectivity solutions in the commercial and business aviation sectors, which gives us the unique ability to offer each airline partner a solution tailored to their particular aircraft types and flight routes. Our technology suite is designed to meet the cost, capacity, coverage, reliability, and aero-performance requirements of airlines and aircraft owners/operators around the world. This broad suite of network solutions enables us to provide Internet connectivity and inflight entertainment to more aircraft and to offer full-fleet solutions to more airlines than our competitors.

Passenger Services


Our connectivity service allows passengers in the commercial and business aviation markets to connect to the Internet inflight from their personal Wi-Fi enabled devices to browse the web, send and receive email and instant messages, access corporate VPNs, and utilize other connectivity-based applications. We offer a variety of passenger access, billing, and pricing options tailored to various devices, routes, and session durations, in addition to monthly and annual subscriptions. Additionally, Gogo works with airlines, media partners, and application providers to provide passengers access to a broad range of media content and connectivity-enabled applications.


Through Gogo Vision – our video-on-demand product accessible from a passengers’ personal Wi-Fi enabled device – we offer passengers in the commercial and business aviation the opportunity to enjoy a selection of inflight entertainment options, which currently include on-demand movies and television shows. Our Gogo Vision product permits business aircraft operators in North America to receive automatic content updates via our nationwide content delivery network, Gogo Cloud, or via a removable USB flash memory drive. In 2015, we introduced Gogo TV, which delivers live television content.

Connected Aircraft Services

Our Connected Aircraft Services consist of three distinct services designed to support the operational requirements of commercial airlines and business aircraft owners/operators and enable applications that improve the passenger experience and enhance operational efficiency.

Connectivity Services

Gogo has developed and is providing airline operational services that benefit airline partners, aircraft owners/operators, and passengers. For example, our network currently supports real-time credit card processing for passenger food and beverage purchases on commercial aircraft and enables flight crews to access real-time weather information, electronic flight bags, and voice services in the cockpit. Our commercial airline partners and business aircraft owners/operators are increasingly demanding new applications that collect, analyze, and transmit real-time performance and other data and view them as a competitive advantage. Going forward, we anticipate that flight and cabin crews, flight operation and maintenance teams will be able to utilize our connectivity services for their own operational purposes and to develop market-leading applications for functions such as network segmentation, encryption, performance management, and usage auditing.

Further, our business aviation products offer next-generation Future Air Navigation System over Iridium, which allows flight crews and air traffic controllers to exchange safety-sensitive information via a digital data link and enables automated position reporting via the aircraft’s flight management system. As the range and capabilities of such applications further develop and become available, we believe that we will be well-positioned to capitalize on this market demand.

Hosting Services

Gogo provides application hosting capabilities on its airborne server, which enable airlines, business aircraft owners/operators, and select third parties to install software on the aircraft which can operate during flight. Hosting services provide airlines and aircraft owners/operators with a combination of processing, storage, and access to key aircraft data, enabling advanced aircraft calculations and optimized flight performance.

Data Services

Gogo enables airlines, aircraft owners/operators, and industry suppliers access to key data from aircraft sensors, databases, and crew inputs via application program interfaces in real-time. Such airborne access is combined with ground network input to provide comprehensive visibility into operations. These services are available for all aircraft types.

Airborne Equipment and Related Services

We offer a complete package of airborne equipment for our ATG-4/ATG and satellite services. For commercial aviation, we also offer installation, certification, and maintenance services.

Our ATG-4/ATG equipment can be installed overnight on a retrofit basis, so the aircraft does not go out of service, and we believe that we complete satellite installations more quickly than our competitors. We offer equipment repair and replacement services for all of our airline partners and provide maintenance services on the aircraft upon request. Although we have experienced robust growth to date conducting retrofit installations, our long-term goal is to have factory installation (line-fit) available as an option for our major technology solutions.

For business aviation, we offer a number of hardware solutions, including the Universal Cabin System (UCS) 5000, a single system that manages and delivers connectivity, entertainment, and information services, while managing multiple networks. It is business aviation’s first all-in-one smart router and media server. UCS 5000 works with Gogo Biz and supports Gogo Text & Talk, which allows passengers to use their own smartphones to send and receive text messages, as well as make and receive phone calls (where permitted) while in flight. We also offer Gogo OnePhone for business aviation, an easy-to-use product that provides superior voice quality and noise reduction.